K9 Advantix® II Blooper Reel_ Exit Stage Left

K9 Advantix® IINeighbor Dogs. (30-second | 2017)

Creator- Editor : Nikki Taylor- Roberts

The Family Business Season Finale

NIKE: Be Bold Be Ture, Black History Month 2013

News/Entertainment Coverage

Producer Editor: NCreator- Editor : Nikki Taylor- Roberts

BET Her Girl Trek

"Curl Fest": Get Into Her Series for BETher

EPK Happy! "Tone".

Interview_ Boldy James on Connecting With Nas Through a Tweet

Raq Rants Launch for BET, featuring Raquel Harper from TMZ

Carl Weber's The Family Business

Simply Be 2013 x Nicolette Mason

From the Bottom Up Season 3 Launch A

I wrote and produced all of Season 3's spots for BET Her.

NCIS + HAPP! Cross Promo

SYFY Wired + Happy!

Hit the Floor Marathon

In Contempt EP 105

Nikki T Roberts: Writer-Producer

Network : BET

Air Time: 4/30

Happy! SYFY Special Presentation

Writter-Producer: Nikki Taylor- Roberts

In Contempt Ep109

From the Bottom Up Season 3 Launch A Campaign 30 sec

Work for BET HER for the From the Bottom Up.

I wrote and produced the series campaign and all 8 episodics for the series.

Watch all episodes on BET HER


HAPPY! + Keeping Up With the Kardashians Cross Promo

PrEditor : Nikki Taylor- Roberts

Whiskey Dialogues Teaser


Creator : Nikki Taylor- Roberts

Chrisley Knows Best + Happy! Spot

Happy!: Special Presentation, SYFY


GM WYxMA #ReadyPackGo

NCIS + HAPP! Cross Promo

BET The Family Business

BET Funny Friday



Carl Weber's The Family Business Series Launch Promo Premier 11/13