Botes al Amanacer

Award Winning short, 5 Wins and 3 Special Selection Honors.

Festivals Highlights:
Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Special Honor
Mexico International Film Festival of the Americas - Winner
San Diego International Film Festival -- Special Honor
San Diego Latino Film Festival -- Special Honor
HBO NY Latino Film Festival - Special Honor

Nicole Taylor-Roberts

Writer: Carlos Ibarra
Cinematography: Alessandro Gentile

Jose Yenque
Dorthy Yang
Carlos Ibarra

Principal Cast:
Max Weideman
Marita De La Torre
Jose Yenque
Yamil Urena
David Carreno
Caesar Rosales

K9 Advantix® IINeighbor Dogs. (30-second | 2017)

Slumflower - Trailer

Trailer for the short film "Slumflower", starriing Christina Jackson, Chad Gittens and introducing Jeremiah Nuamah.

Directors: Augustus Tremaine Romeo & Nikki Taylor-Roberts


Watch full film here.








"Do You" Johnny Voltik, Director's cut

director: Nikki Taylor Roberts

director: Nikki Taylor-Roberts


Director: Nikki Taylor Roberts


Skit - Opener

Out of Darkness Trailer - Festival de Cannes 2011 (short)

Director:Nikki Taylor Roberts

Port au Prince Car Interview -- Production & Location scout.

In A Girl from Haiti, the fear of losing everything complicates a bright-eyed teen's brave escape to Miami as her country teeters on the verge of total chaos in the wake of a massive earthquake in 2010.

All our heroine, Salome wanted was to finish her senior year and go Miami to live with her dad. Instead, she loses everything when a massive earthquake takes her grandmother and turns her life, her village, and her country upside down. The only people she has left in the world is her friend Louis, and his best friend, St. Jean -- the local thief who Salome blames for her grandmother's death.  

But it's St. Jean's street-smarts that mean the survival for the trio in the chaos. Salome's plans for escape are put on hold as they hustle as water-dealers amongst the displaced refugees in a dangerous tent city. Latent feelings between Salome and Louis tie her to the group and complicates the trio. But time is running out. A water shortage, the cut-off of UN aid, and the increased violence make Salome realize that she must escape Haiti by any means -- even if she has to brave it alone.

Salome must choose between her heart and her own survival or she will watch her world crumble around her again. This time for good.


Romance Remiss #TalesofaTroubledRomantic