"These Stunning Images Show the Beauty of Black America in the Place You'd Least Expect" By Zak Cheney-Rice September 02, 2015


The Golden Globe Nominations

Nominations will be announced during 1.30pm currently during the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA by a Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The 72nd Golden Globes  will be held on Jan 11.

Quoted in Hollywood survival compilation book from Ms. In The Biz.

Endorsed by Mena Suvari (American Beauty), and Madeline Brewer (Orange is the New Black), and yours truly: "Thriving in Hollywood! Tenacious Tales and Tactics" from Ms. in the Biz. Featured in PopCults and 


Actress, Producer and Writer Helenna Santos, and co-author Alexandra Boylan complied a book to encourage and advise folks along in their Hollywood pursuits. The book is now available on and Kindle and elsewhere online.

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