Project  Maintain


Project Maintain is a lifestyle web serial that showcases the L.A street art and culture of graffiti artists and  and skaters. Inspired by the non-elitist preservationist philosophy of known graffiti artist Maintain (co-founder of the skate shop, The Maintain Shop, in Northeast L.A.), the serial will take audiences to the local and global influences behind the evolution of L.A.'s street artists community.


Video Produced by Rocketlight Films for  Junk Food Art House and Sony Pictures Presents "Le Look Smurfette"

curated by Lois Sakany & Samia Grand-Pierre of

On February 13th, 2013 - Film meets fashion during New York Fashion
Week, as Junk Food Art House teams up with Sony Pictures in
collaboration with Lois Sakany & Samia Grand-Pierre of,
to unveil a new collection inspired by the iconic animated character,
Smurfette. In anticipation of The Smurfs 2 movie opening this summer,
the fashion show reflected Smurfette's spunk and undeniable cute factor
with hints of Parisian accents from the movie. The collection mixes a
high-end aesthetic with streetwear elements to create looks that capture
the spirit of the film and characters, though a non-literal translation.
#lelooksmurfette Junk Food / Art House

Inspired by the true life events of writer/producer Carlos Ibarra, CANS AT DAWN (Botes al Amanecer) is a short about a family's  resilience and hope living in South Central L.A.


Special selection of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the Festival de Cannes in 2012, Cans at Dawn has screen and win many film festivals. 



Created by affiliates, We Are Not Pilgrims. (

Produced in association with Rocketlight Films

Romance Remiss #TalesofaTroubledRomantic

Out of Darkness Trailer - Festival de Cannes 2011 (short)


Weight Lifting

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